About us


Plastic Industrie “Utrecht” was founded in 1957, and over the past 66 years, PIU has offered our clients a large variety of technical solutions. We are one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in Europe with the network to deliver to the United States as well as to locations across the globe. PIU’s flexible processes, from design through delivery, can be readily tailored to each client’s needs. We offer total solutions with the singular goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations through exceptional service. Our experienced professionals carefully review and address each client’s requests and to ensure that our products consistently meet or exceed client requirements through continuous improvement and the expertise of our highly-experienced staff6


Innovation & sustainability

PIU focuses on the future, and we strive to do business innovatively and responsibly. We employ sustainable production to minimize negative impacts to the environment. We are always looking for new production techniques and work with our suppliers to refine our production methods. In addition, we believe that an optimal balance between humans and machines ensures an effective and energy efficient production process. We focus on preventing waste and, when possible, we reuse redundant materials from injections without compromising the quality of the final product. We also use recycled materials for our own products, such as paint stir sticks. Plastics, in many applications, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy due to their light weight, insulation qualities, efficient production techniques, and long life.

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