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PIU’s success over the past 66 years is due, in part, to our clients’ trust. Every assignment is important, and we strive to develop a close partnership with each client. We have a long history of collaborating with our clients, regardless of their geographic location, and always welcome new clients.

Many beautiful and innovative products have been created for various sectors and branches both within Europe and elsewhere in the world. Some industries we have been able to produce for include healthcare, construction, engineering, cosmetics, food & catering, tourism & recreation, the textile and packaging industries.




Water Purification Hook

Kunststof gebitbeschermers

dental guards

Bouwsteiger hefboom

Construction scaffold lever


Wall brochure holders in
3 colors



Kunststofonderdeel deurschanier

door hinge

Folderhouder wand transparante kunststof

Wall brochure holder
transparent plastic

Verbindingselement van kunststof

Connecting element made of

Lantaarnpaal beschermers

Lamppost protectors

Gerecycleerde kunststof verfroerders

Recycled Plastic
Paint Stirrers


Scaffolding clamp

Folie dispenser

Foil dispenser

Multi tool



Storage system


Corner protectors


Battery holder

Verhoging systeem

Raising system for
bed, table, desk, chair
for adjustable height
from 1.7 - 6.8 cm

Sanspli kleerhangersklem

Sanspli clothes hanger clip

Markeer bol

Marker ball


Sliding nuts

Idea optimization & product devcelopment

PIU is excited about original ideas and welcomes the opportunity to work closely with our clients in developing new products. We offer a uniquely collaborative approach focused on translating your idea into a production-ready injection molding product.

We test concepts first for their technical feasibility and ensure that they will meet our strict quality and durability requirements. Once testing is completed and we have verified that all requirements are met, production begins. PIU works with specialized injection mold designers and highly-experienced mold technicians and engineers. This enables us to ensure the technical feasibility of our design and guarantees that your product meets our strict quality standards. By working together, we transform your idea into a solid, high-quality finished product manufactured at competitive prices.

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