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PIU’s high-quality plastic injection molding products are extremely durable and can be manufactured in various colors and designs. Our professionals possess experience across various industry sectors including healthcare, construction, engineering, cosmetics, food and catering, tourism and recreation, and textiles and packaging. Our goal is to deliver high quality products on each order and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.
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Idea optimization & product devcelopment

PIU is excited about original ideas and welcomes the opportunity to work closely with our clients in developing new products. We offer a uniquely collaborative approach focused on translating your idea into a production-ready injection molding product.

We test concepts first for their technical feasibility and ensure that they will meet our strict quality and durability requirements. Once testing is completed and we have verified that all requirements are met, production begins. PIU works with specialized injection mold designers and highly-experienced mold technicians and engineers. This enables us to ensure the technical feasibility of our design and guarantees that your product meets our strict quality standards. By working together, we transform your idea into a solid, high-quality finished product manufactured at competitive prices.

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